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Saving Daylight

Daylight saving has finally ended in New South Wales. I don’t know if I like it or not (daylight saving, I mean). It’s nice to have the longer, lighter days in summer where you can have barbecues and go for pleasant evening walks but I think it goes on for too long (nearly 6 months). By the time it is over I am longing for the dark.

Daylight saving started in Australia in 1917, running during late summer. It was discontinued after the war but started up again during World War II for three consecutive summers.

The state of Tasmania had a major influence on why we have daylight saving today. It was due to the state experiencing a severe drought in 1967. It was thought that by saving power, water would also be saved. The campaign was a major success and afterwards the Tasmanian government pushed to introduce daylight saving across the country.

They weren’t successful everywhere. In 1972 Victoria, NSW, the ACT, and South Australia adopted Daylight Savings Time but it is still not practiced in Western Australia, the Northern Territory or Queensland.

When it is in effect it means Australia has five different time zones. People joke that it also makes curtains fade and stops cows from producing milk…….

The clocks move forward. The clocks move back. I have lost track of how many times it has happened. Longer days, lighter days. Does that mean I am older or younger than I actually am?

I have scary thoughts about daylight saving. Does turning the clock forward and then back six months later act like an enormous zipper that opens and closes the fabric of the universe thus splitting the time-space continuum?

Is the cup of coffee I made 5 minutes before daylight saving ended the same an hour earlier as it was an hour later? Should I drink it? Is it safe? Are the particles of which the cofffee consists reversible in time?

If the clocks keep moving back and forth does it make it harder to live in the moment? Is that why I have so much trouble with that concept?

What has happened to all the hours I have lost or gained as the clocks turned forward and back? Are the thoughts and experiences I did have, could have had in those vanished hours gone for good, sent out chaotically into an alternate universe?

Thinking about daylight saving could drive a person crazy. Months and months of lingering, lazy, light nights mess with your head. It is nice to end the day with a night that is decisively dark like a candle snuffed out for sleep. It is nice to pull in and hold the comforting night, sleek as velvet.