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Top 5 Inspirational/Spiritual Songs

I haven’t made one of my Top 5 lists for a while. It is a common occurrence in our household a la High Fidelity. In light of yesterday’s post I thought I would post my Top 5 Inspirational/ Spiritual songs, songs that definitely make me feel there is some kind of higher power.

You can’t go past Amazing Grace by Aretha Franklin, released in 1972.

This song inspires me regularly to act with grace and boy, oh, boy – those high notes. You could rule the world if you could hit high notes like that.

Check out this amazing version here.

In 1970 Simon & Garfunkel released the much-covered Bridge Over Troubled Water from the album of the same name.

I find this song lyrically, to be just beautiful. The version I have included is with the fabulous Luther Vandross and Jennifer Holliday. Poor Paul Simon looks a little out of place, but hey, he’s the songwriter. He can hold his head up with anyone!

Another song I find inspiring is a hymn. It’s William Blake’s Jerusalem. And I think this is one of the most stirring melodies ever written. It just makes me think of England every time I hear it.

It was released on Billy Bragg’s 1990 album The Internationale. It is such a pure version of the song. I think Bragg really captured the essence of it. I saw him perform it in Sydney about ten years ago and the entire audience was awestruck.

Not the greatest vid in the world, though.

And I just can’t go past the fabulous Carter family singing Will The Circle Be Unbroken (with Johnny Cash). This is a traditional folk song that is just so uplifting. I love it.

And finally, I know it’s been flogged and flogged but when thinking of songs on this theme, you can’t go past Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah as sung by Jeff Buckley.

The poetry in this song makes me shiver -

” There’s a blaze of light in every word
It doesn’t matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah…”

So that’s my Top 5 Inspirational/Spiritual songs.
I’d love to hear yours.