The Unholy Trinity Of Quirky Weirdness

Today is what I like to refer to as the day of the Unholy Trinity of Quirky Weirdness. It is Fred Astaire’s birthday. It is Sid Vicious’ birthday. And it is my birthday.

It’s kind of cool to share a birthday with someone like Fred Astaire who was known for his neat, slicked-back hair and incredibly enthusiastic dance moves.

I know that if I was a dancer the above move would be in my repertoire. It just feels like something I would do if I could actually dance. I feel a strong affinity with that move, in particular the foot on the floor balancing at a 45 degree angle. Dance and geometry in the one move. Fred had it all.

It’s also kind of cool to share a birthday with one of the biggest bad asses of all time – Sid Vicious, the bass player with The Sex Pistols. An important part of the British punk movement he was renowned for urinating on the audience and cutting himself on stage.

And he could pull the most amazing faces. Look at that sneer. He would put any toddler who has been told they’re not having any sweets before dinner to shame.

If I’d been a punk I would have been a bad ass like Sid with a sneer that never left my face – even when I was asleep.

And then there’s me. Famous only in my own mind, but quirky and weird nonetheless and definitely thrust screaming emphatically into this world on May 10.

Those of you who have read this blog for more than a week are probably aware of my penchant for whimsy and will appreciate the thrill I feel upon sharing my birthday with such auspicious characters as Sid and Fred.

I feel a kinship with those two men. I can imagine us in another life hosting a talk show together – a mix of The Graham Norton Show, So You Think You Can Dance and Dr. Phil. The ratings would be astronomical and we would have sponsors chomping at the bit to have their products carefully placed by the Unholy Trinity, offering us a lifetime supply of George Foreman Grills, ChamWOWs and maybe even Snuggies. But we wouldn’t be swayed – we would merely dance and sneer and make wisecracks, true to our quirky, weird and whimsical selves right up until the end. For that is what being born on May 10 is all about.

Happy Birthday, Sid and Fred. You make being born on this day much more hip than I ever thought it could be.

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47 responses to “The Unholy Trinity Of Quirky Weirdness

  1. Hahahahappy Birthday, Selma! An unholy, but rather fascinating, trinity, to be sure (with the odd guest appearance by Christopher Walken, you’d definitely have ratings gold on your hands) I once painted a large dragon on my bedroom wall and then my menace of a brother (well, he was in those days, but I’m rather fond of him now :)) came along while I was out and spray painted this graffiti across my work of art: ‘Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols!’ – Sneering Sid would approve…

    Hope you are having a fabulous day

    • YEESSS!!! Christopher Walken would be perfect, especially if he did his tap dancing routine. Sneering Sid would approve of your bedroom wall graffiti. As do I. I had a great birthday. Thank you so much, Bluebee.

  2. Happy birthday, dear friend! May it be the latest in a very long string of them yet to come. (Bear with me, it’s early. The coffee isn’t even done yet.) Much happiness to you, today and always.



  3. Happy birthday, Selma! I hope your day is chock full of joy and whimsy!

  4. A very happy birthday to you my friend! Wonderful post. xo

  5. Happy birthday to you all!

  6. now you make me wish I was born on may 10. I like to dance like Astaire but I could hardly move without some awkwardness.

    happy birthday! many great happiness to you and hope all your wishes and dreams come true.

    • I would love to dance like Fred Astaire but sadly, it is impossible. I can enjoy his movies, however. Thank you for your beautiful wishes, Lissa.

  7. Have a wonderful birthday…your in good company. :-)

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday Selma! What an adorable photo of you, I loved it! :-) It is such a joy to have you living in my “blog neighborhood”! Thru the years I’ve discovered not only how bright and creative you are, but also that you are kind, caring, and very real. I love the stories you’ve shared with us, and the wonderful pictures of your city. My wish for you is that the year ahead is a kind, gentle one, with some wonderful surprises instore! I look forward to more great reading here, and I hope someone has gifted you with a lovely cake today… you deserve it! Birthdays are for celebrating, you survived another year all in one piece! :-) Much love, Josie Two Shoes

    • You are very kind to say that about the photo, Josie. Thank you so much. I am so touched by what you have said. It means so much to me and is better than any present.

      My son made me a marble cake and it was very tasty. He’s actually a pretty good cook. Love to you too xxxx

  9. Happy birthday Selma!!

  10. Cool!! Wishing you the best birthday evahhhh!!
    Hope your boys spoiled you rotten and here’s to this year being the best one ever !!

    I have no musical notes on my phone keyboard so you just have to imagine me singing a slightly bawdy and off key rendition of happy birthday!
    All the best chicky-babe xoxoxo

    • I would love to hear that bawdy rendition of Happy Birthday. It’s cracking me up just thinking about it. Thank you so much, Cathy !!!!

  11. Happy, Happy Birthday, Selma! You put the others to shame – your special style is far above theirs. :)

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMAZING LADY! Love your photo.
    (By the way, instead of urinating on the audience and cutting himself, I’d like to see Sid Vicious urinate on himself and cut someone from the audience!)

    • I can’t type for laughing, Timoteo. Hahahaha. I’m sure Sid actually did that too. That is hilarious. *giggle* :lol: :lol:

  13. Happy birthday Selma ;)

  14. Hi,
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, I hope you have a fantastic day, enjoy. :D

    • That is such a great song, Mags. Paul still sounds really good. Sometimes I forget how brilliant The Beatles really were. Thank you so much for my birthday song!

  15. Happy happy birthday, Selma. But I gotta say, you are way cooler than your two birthdate mates. Way. And maybe even quirkier. I like that in a person.

    • That is so kind of you to say so, Patti. I like quirkiness in a person too. Makes for many colourful moments. Thank you for your kind wishes!

  16. Scriptor Obscura

    Happy Birthday to you! My best wishes to you, and many more birthdays to come! :)

  17. Woohoo – haaaaaaaapppppppppyyyyyyyyy birthday Selma – wonderful person you! Gee a lot of good people are born in May – hahahaha – you, me, Graham Nunn, Bob Dylan, Fred Estaire, Sid, (I love those old dance movies – I was a bit in love with Gene Kelly as a twelve year old). I can see you sneering, but not for too long before you crack up laughing :) Big hugs from the banana State.

    • That’s right – it’s your birthday soon, isn’t it, Gabe? How exciting. I loved Gene Kelly too. My favourite movie for years was Singing In The Rain. What an amazing dancer. Thank you for your beautiful, banana-ey hugs :D

      • Yeah, mine is on Wed (16th). I love Singing in the Rain and have to watch it by myself as I insist on prancing around the room pretending I can tap dance – haha.

  18. Happy Birthday Selma!!! Wish you much love:)

  19. wishing you a happy birthday selma, you’re in good company, i hope this year will bring many joys, wishes fulfilled, your ideas of beauty spreading out all over the world, and many wonderful happenings coming back to you xxx

    • TIPOTA!!! As always you leave the best comments – beauty spreading out all over the world. Could there be a better aim in life ever? I love, love, love your perspective. Thank you xxx

  20. Happy Birthday!

    And, let mr contribute my ‘Unholy Trinity’ … me, Muhammad Ali and Al Capone! :D

    • That is hilarious,Travelrat. You’ve got some tough characters to hang out with there. Haha. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  21. So sorry to be a bit late to the party, Sweet Selma, but I’m hoping that you had the best birthday yet. I’m happy to know your weird, quirky, cool, funky, big hearted self.
    You should be happy with the two greats that share your day ~ I get Richard Nixon and Martin Luther King … okay, but not great dancers!

    • Well, to share a birthday with Martin Luther King – that’s something special. And you never know about the secret lives of some politicians, for all we know Nixon could have been a master at the Lindy Hop. LOL. Thank you for your lovely wishes, Susan!!

  22. I hang my head in shame as I did not wish you a happy birthday on your actual birthday. I guess I have no choice but to come down to Sydney and take you out for dinner some day (Oh I hope I will be able to do that).
    Fred Astaire might be cool & Sid maybe bad ass but none is nicer than you.

    Love you lots <3 <3

    • Thank you so much, Roshan. That is beautiful. I hope you get to Sydney one day too. And to have a song included – awesome. I love it!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oxoxoxox