Behind The Stone Wall

Sometimes on my walks I make it right up to the old church in Glebe with its towers and beautiful arched doorways and the thing I love best of all – the walled garden.

If you stay behind the trees it is possible to shut out the hustling, bustling world across the street. It is possible to block out the sounds of buses, cabs and the hiss of espresso machines.

If the wind is just right a stillness falls, a kind of enchantment that makes it easy to believe in princesses walking through medieval gardens, poets writing of light falling on stone, and children in dresses with bows, keeping the flowers and songbirds a secret.

I’m not the only one who comes to the garden to pretend. I see lots of others. They walk through the gates, faces drawn grey from the streets and stand, touching the trees, feeling the stone warm from the sun. They leave with a smile as the garden weaves its magic.

Such places, unexpected and somewhat undiscovered are a boon, a tonic.  Outside the wall it is noisy, inside it is quiet. Outside feet fall heavy, inside they barely touch the earth. Who would have thought such serenity could be found, undisturbed, resting; tucked away behind the stone wall?

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30 responses to “Behind The Stone Wall

  1. Ever prince and princess needs a castle. I am glad that have found yours Selma.

    I think I need to put more effort into finding mine–a place away from life’s noise.

  2. Love the way you express our need for a place to revive…sounds like a wonderful place that you have found.

    • I really do need to have little spots where I can just breathe, slpmartin. Sometimes the rush of the city stresses me out. It is good to find little sanctuaries!

  3. You seem to have such fun places to walk.

    • There are lots of nice spots around this area. I think we are lucky because we have a lot of nice old heritage buildings as well as proximity to the harbour. It’s a win-win situation, Squirrel!

  4. This is so serene. It relaxes me just to read it. In small town New England, we have a lot of natural space, real woods, which are quiet and peaceful. But I also find cmeteries to be wonderful spots of respite, especailly the very old ones. Walking through, reading stones worn almost bare by the centuries of wind, snow, and rain, I can piece together whole lives, generations of families though wars and illnesses, joy and tragedy. There are frequently benches under old trees, where I sit, and think about the world these people lived in, and the contribution they made to mine. I always leave feeling better than when I went in.

    • New England (especially the small towns) would have to be up there as one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have never been there but know I would love it. You have to get out there and take some photos for your blog, Patti. That would be fantastic!

  5. Hi Selma,
    Beautifully written as always. )
    It is lovely to have a place like this to go to especially when you live in the city, I too am lucky enough to have such a place to go for a walk and just relax away from everything for awhile. :)

    • I am so glad you have a place like that too, Mags. It is important to find a little spot like that. I love it!

  6. Beautiful little retreats to escape from the busy, noisy, crazy world… how I love them, especially when found where you least expect them to be! I had a friend whose backyard was like a tiny oasis in our brutally hot dry desert. It was my favorite place to be on summer afternoons! I am thinking the space within the lovely walls in your picture must be home to some very contented spirits!

    • You have read my mind, Josie. How I would love to check out this place at midnight to see if there are any spirits abounding. But it is all locked up at night. It certainly has a vibe to it, if you know what I mean!

  7. Lovely writing Selma :) I have always adored walled gardens, like they have in cold countries to provide shelter and warmth for the plants (like in the Secret Garden book). I also have a thing for stone walls – like the ones surrounding farms in the UK (ala All Creatures Great and Small). Stone can be cold and warm – a great attribute.

    • I would love a walled garden, Gabe. Wouldn’t it be fantastic? It would be like living in another era. So pretty. I hope to get one someday….

  8. I really like the pic of the stone wall because it instantly brings to mind a different time when peaceful and picturesque was the norm. In fact I can see that majestic tree you twttered about awhile back just beyond that garden wall.

    • There are some similar trees to that one in the church grounds, Cathy. The tree in the photo is actually a bit further away in the park on the water. I haven’t forgotten – I am going to write you a story about that tree. I have a couple of good ideas for it. The tree in question is a Moreton Bay Fig. There are lots of them around here. They are glorious trees!

  9. I like this.
    It feels good.

    • It is good to have a nice secluded spot. We all need it from time to time, I think. Keeps me sane, Evelyn, and goodness knows I need that!

  10. Oh, Selma! This is so fabulous. I’m happy you found such a lovely spot.

  11. I’m always struck by the peaceful gardens and courtyards that can be found in the heart of the most bustling city (even London!). Favourite at the moment is Adelaide’s Himeji Japanese Garden, about which I’ve already posted, and, this time, took some video which I shall post as soon as I get around to editing it.

    • Japanese gardens are particularly peaceful, aren’t they? I could sit in some of them for ages. For me it might be the presence of water that soothes the soul. I am looking forward to your video.

  12. I love hearing about all of this, just the one word ~ enchantment ~ is like magic to me. Lovely, moody image, too~

  13. Places of respite like this are treasures – an escape into imagination :)

    • I think the closer we live to the urban jungle the more we need places like this, Bluebee. I call it green therapy. It really does restore the mind!

  14. very moving selma. the idea of the garden, peaceful and magical, behind the stone wall above the city, being explored and rediscovered

    • It is a place where lots of stories spring to mind, Tipota. The wall really gives a sense of getting away from it all. Rediscovered….perfectly put!

  15. julietwilson

    such places are so valuable!