There’s Only One Like Her

On this Earth Day I was thinking about why I love Mother Earth so much.

It’s because of the way she presents herself.






Mother Earth. She is unique and she is the only one we have.

Let’s all look after her the way she deserves.


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36 responses to “There’s Only One Like Her

  1. Amen to looking after the only one we have. I love the photos. I love the spring here when all the trees and bushes start blooming and the colour is so shockingly “new” green. What better time to appreciate mother earth than spring time here. Although I know its fall there Selma, you still have the most wonderful colours through the fall and winter. In this area, she sleeps in the winter, so when she blooms in the spring it’s so great to see colour again!

    • I love that new green too, Cathy. It looks like paint. You can’t believe it’s the real colour.. We are lucky to have nice colours through the winter due to our native plants and we also don’t get super-cold temps like you. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing the snow sometimes!

  2. A fine series of photos on this earth day.

  3. You know you are old when you can remember the very first Earth Day! I’m delighted this is one tradition that has continued. Your photographs are beautiful! The majesty of Mother Nature gives such comfort to our world-weary souls! Each place is so different, but I love the huge sky canopy where we live. I can see the horizon in all directions!

    • What’s good about remembering the first Earth Day, Josie, is that it’s still going on. I just hope and pray that in some way it helps. We have an incredibly beautiful world. I would hate for us to ruin it.

      How lovely to see such a beautiful canopy of sky. That’s the stuff songs and poems are made of!

  4. After the weather of the past few years, I fear for us. It’s clear that Mother Earth is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore. We’d best start showing her some respect.

    • I think she’s mad too, Patti. There is definitely a shift going on. I hope we’re not too late to do something about it.

  5. amen. i’m taking away the heartseed of/in what you presented so beautifully, taking it away with me today, to plant. it will be a perennial
    forever in the garden, a reminder of roots and minerals and rain and all the life in/on the earth :)

  6. Hi Selma,
    Great photos, I especially loved the sunset/sunrise in the last photo, very nice, and the flowers are gorgeous. :)

    • I love a good sunset, Mags. That deep orange is amazing. I can’t tell if the sunsrises are better because well, I’m never up that early :oops:

  7. Oh, she has so many bad, bad children trying to cause so many bad, bad outcomes. Let’s hope positive changes are still in the offing.

    • I think she should lock all those bad children in the cupboard under the stairs. Throw away the key. It’d serve them right!!

  8. Hey Selma, I always enjoy your take on things. The pics made me smile so thanks.

  9. You have caught the grandeur and majesty (and afternoon Aussie sun) in that photo of the gum tree – beautiful. Lovely post Selma. Here’s to looking after Mother earth.

  10. Lovely post, Selma. I always adore your photo’s and can never get enough! These are divine once again…

  11. Mother Earth is showing off for you! Love the pictures, especially the last one. Fabulous!

  12. Stunning sunset pic, Selma

    • Since taking that photo all I’ve heard in my head is ‘Red sails in the sunset, way out on the sea…..’ It’s on a loop. Funny how things get stuck in your head, Bluebee.

  13. Oh my word, aren’t you just too celever :) These are gorgeous Selma – most fabulous post!

  14. Yes and Amen!! Gorgeous images, Selma

  15. Lovely sentiments from a loving heart, thank you Selma

  16. Missed your blog too :) Beautiful, as always.

  17. Nice pics and an important reminder! We only get one shot at treating her right.