Friday The 13th Spookies

I don’t know if I was imagining it but I saw a lot of spooky things today.

An abandoned building that looked haunted…

Powerlines everywhere just waiting to come down….

The crow. Trying to hide. But I saw him. I SAW him. Fixing me with his baneful eye……

The spider, plump in his sticky web. Waiting to pounce……

The church. All Gothic and shadowy. Probably full of bats and deafening pipe organs…..

A gargoyle and a pentagram together. The witches are nigh. The witches are nigh….

And the moon, full and menacing among the clouds. Watching us all…..

Who says spooky things happening on Friday the 13th is just a silly superstition?

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34 responses to “Friday The 13th Spookies

  1. Ha, thanks for encouraging me to sleep with one eye-open tonight Selma.

    Always enjoy your perspective there across these ocean.

  2. DEFINITELY Spooky, and creepy, and scary! xoxo

  3. Hi,
    It is not a good sign when crows are looking at you like that on Friday the 13th.
    Loved the photos, a fantastic collection for this jinxed Friday. :D

  4. Wonderful reminder that although all those things were there on Thursday the 12th, (maybe the crow might not oblige), the myth of unlucky 13 gave them their spooky quality in the mind.
    Sleep easy tonight dear Selma, it’s the 14th, so they’ve all gone away!

  5. Well, given all those signs…one my suggest you toss a bit of salt over your shoulder. :-) Enjoyed your post!

  6. Wooooohoooooowooooooo ;) Wonderful photos and imagination – haha – Stafford always has to be so rational (just ignore him).

    • We need a bit of rationality on Friday the 13th, Gabe. You just never know what’s lurking behind the corner. But rationality won’t keep the spooks at bay. AAAAARGHHHHH!!!!

  7. Ooh, I loved this! It really set the tone. Great writing, great pictures, prefect theme… Selma at her best! I wish I could do what you do so eloquently with few words! :-)

  8. hee hee – I see that the “ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night” loomed large for you on Friday, Selma :-D You never disappoint

  9. Awesome sots Selma, they really are spine tinglers…especialy that crow and the church shot :shudder: creeeeepy!

  10. hehe think I need a new keyboard or new FINGER for typing lol
    Make that awesome SHOTS AND ESPECIALLY …sheesh

    • Hahaha. I make the worst typos in the world, Cathy. I would be sacked from the typing pool immediately or transferred to the paper shredding department. Haha. The crow was creepy wasn’t he? And he was watching me…..

  11. Hehe! Great shots. Friday the 13th is over, but I want to walk out today with spooky in mind and see what presents itself!

    • I love going out when the weather is a little stormy, Jen. It is amazing how the darker light can change the vibe of things. I’m sure you can find some FAB stuff in your amazing city!

  12. Oooh, that house looks a good place for spooks to gather under such a strange-looking moon… I fear you’re right, Selma. Woo hoo hoo… :eek:

  13. All extremely scary. I had to have a glass of wine to calm down. The spider was the worst. You really should have posted some sort of warning label before the horror show.

    • LOL. I wish I could have had a glass of wine to calm down but as I don’t drink I had to meditate instead and I couldn’t get my chakras in alignment because the windows kept rattling and I heard moaning in the hallway. Eeek 8O

  14. I love that crow pic. I’m a fan of horror movie (not the gross out stuff with intestines & brains all flying & spilling out) so this is cool for me. Nice gargoyles.

    • I agree with you, Roshan. I like classic horror imagery like churches, ravens, and so on. Blood and guts really isn’t that scary for me. Give me a gargoyle and a darkened sky any day over a raving lunatic with an axe!

  15. Spectacular…or rather spooktacular….pictures!

  16. aloha Selma – for such a fearful amount of imagery and the heavy presence of the dark… this was a very fun post/read/group of images. good thing you didnt walk under any ladders. …did you? bwahahahaha, yeah, i sometimes have bats in my bell free skull. fun bats tho. aloha.

    • Thank goodness there weren’t any ladders lying against buildings, Rick. That would have been too much for me. Haha. I really appreciate you stopping by. ALOHA!!!

  17. Do you take all of the pics I keep seeing in your posts? They are wonderful.

    • I do take them, shoutabyss. You are very kind to notice. I am not a terribly good photographer ( a bit of a point and shoot merchant) but I do enjoy snapping away happily :)